A Floor Mat-- To Go!

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By: Mike Springer
February 20, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - It's a caper as big as a pizza pie.

Surveillance video shows a man grabbing the floor mat at Gumby's Pizza on West Tennessee Street and taking it to go.

The owners are asking for their $250 mat to be returned. But they say this isn't the first time something has been taken from the shop.

They say they've had coin jars and shop memorabilia taken in the past.

Owners say when things get snatched, it's usually just part of a harmless prank.

"We had a stuffed Gumby that was about 4 feet high. A couple of girls came in, took him one night,. We put up on Facebook, 'Please bring our Gumby doll back.' The next morning we came in , Gumby was in the window, hands tied behind his back, blindfolded, covered in caution tape," said Scott Fernbach, Gumby's owner.

Fernbach is hoping for the mat's safe return.

He says if it's brought back by February 25, no questions will be asked.

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