May 11th Named "Patricia Stephens Due" Day

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Tallahassee, Florida --

Wednesday was a special day at city hall for the Due family.

Local civil rights activist, Patricia Stephens Due, was issued a proclamation by Mayor John Marks.

As Marks spoke about the way Due selflessly led those to fight for civil rights the Due family was overjoyed and emotional.

This has been a tough past few days, as Patricia Due is in the hospital.

Patricia Due's daughter, "I just really feel so grateful, not only because it's a recognition for mom, but because it's an encouragement for mom. My mother is going through a very difficult time right now now, but she understands the importance of encouraging people to make a difference."

Mayor Marks proclaimed that Wednesday, May 11th, is "Patricia Stephens Due Day."

The proclamation was an emotional time for all of those involved.

Patricia Due is currently battling metastatic thyroid cancer that has spread to other parts of her body.

To read the full proclamation click on the tab above.

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