Mayor Marks Testifies in Ethics Case

Mayor Marks Ethics Court Case Testifies
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Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee's mayor defended himself today against ethics charges against him.

In June, Florida's Ethics Commission found reason to believe Mayor John Marks violated the law.

Mayor Marks decided to defend himself before an administrative law judge.

At issue is the mayor's past ties to a business and a non-profit group.
Both organizations had city contract proposals.

Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee's Mayor says he's done nothing wrong.

Mayor John Marks testified before an administrative law judge this afternoon.

It comes after Florida's Ethics Commission found reason to believe the mayor violated the law.

Mayor Marks testified he was a paid consultant for a non-profit group called the Alliance for Digital Equality or ADE.

He recommended that group be included in a city contract paid with federal grant money.

When asked, do you remember mentioning ADE in your motion to accept that grant? Mayor Marks responded, "I probably did yes, the video indicates that I did."

Three city commissioners also testified at the hearing including Gil Ziffer.

Ziffer said he didn't know the mayor was involved with ADE when he voted to approve a contract including that group, and it might have changed his vote.

The mayor's case is expected to take several weeks to resolve.

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