Medical Dump May Make Suwannee County Home

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
September 17, 2013

Suwannee County, FL- Imagine a medical waste facility in your backyard, well, Brenda Benoit says the Department of Environmental Protection is in the final phase of approval to place a medical dump two miles from her house.

"We live here this is our home," said Brenda Benoit, a Suwannnee County resident.

Benoit says the Integrated Waste Management Systems company is thinking of putting it a mile from the Suwannee River. She is worried that the emissions will also effect the river, and nearby homes.

"It gets in the food crops, it effects our health, it can give us cancer and all sorts of things could happen, its just not right and they need to listen to us," said Benoit.

We tried to reach out to Suwannee County commissioners, but they were unavailable to comment on the issue. However, other county officials say the DEP is about to approve an air permit. They also say, the company has not come before the board yet. As of now, it has not even bought property.

"If we don't act now and do something we will have it then and how are we going to get rid of it once we have it. Say no, just say no," said Benoit.

There will be a town hall meeting hosted by the owners of the medical waste company on Thursday at Live Oak City Hall on White Avenue at 7 p.m. and it is open to the public.

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