Memorial Day: One Family Recalls Their Loss

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

May 26, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--Photos of veterans line the walls of the American Legion Post number 13 in our Capital City.

But, there is one photo that two sisters hold close to their hearts...that brings back many memories.

Memories of their brother Mallie B. Pitts, who was killed in June of 1944 during the Normandy Invasion.

"Jumping out of those airplanes with his parachute he loved it," said Lois Hanna, the Veteran's Sister. "We just thought that he just a little bit too brave."

Pitt's was a paratrooper during the war and on this Memorial Day, Pitt's niece, Joan Taylor, will spearhead a service for all the Veteran's and their families.

"When he died, they lost their heart," said Joan Taylor from the American Legion. "It's not just the loss of that loved one, but it's the effect that it has for generations after that.

Although, she never met her uncle. She still feels obligated to carry out her family history.

"We just had to carry on," said Hanna.

The Memorial Day service will be held in Tallahassee at the Oakland Cemetery at 11 AM to honor the families and the Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.