Memorial Day Rose Ceremony

By Charlene Cristobal
May 22, 2014

When is a rose, more than just a rose? When they're to honor former Leon County students who lost their lives serving our country.The Superintendent and principals from the county's schools were all present to remember those who passed away.

Family and friends of fallen soldiers gathered in front of the Bloxham building in Tallahassee to pay their respects to the men who lost their lives and were also former high school students in Leon County.

Tammy Wise-Thrasher is the mother of Sergeant Robert Wise who was killed in Iraq in 2003. "Robert is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. So, I don't have a marker close to home. This gives me a marker. This gives me a place where I can come and feel like he's here."

There are 10 names listed on the memorial. Each soldier has their high school they attended next to their name.

Principal of Sail High School Tiffany Thomas says, "At Sail High school, we have Corporal Julian Woodall, who lost his life. We have a fountain dedicated in his name and we always get a chance to walk by the fountain and remember him."

Tammy Wise-Thrasher says that even though Thursday is a sad day, it's also a day to honor and remember her son. "Memorial day being so close, it's such a privilege to be here to be able to represent Robert for the community; so that they community has an opportunity to now what fine young men and women this county has produced through their school system."

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