Middle Class Tax Cuts Protest

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Members of Florida's American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees labor union rallied outside Congressman Steve Southerland's office, pleading with House Republicans to end tax breaks for the wealthy.

Expiring tax breaks could send the country over the "fiscal cliff," a time when automatic tax hikes to everyone kick in and spending cuts to programs like education take effect. The group says those cuts impact the middle-class more than anyone, with cuts to education jeopardizing programs such as free school lunches

Jeanette Wynn, Florida AFSCME President, stated, "those people need those free lunches. How can they study? How can they be comfortable in a classroom when they're hungry?"

Roberta Christie, Retired High School English Teacher, stated, "here in Florida, we've had cuts, after cuts, after cuts at both the university system, in libraries, in schools, in music programs, etc. So seeing even more would just totally be devastating."

Meanwhile in Washington, negotiations to decrease spending before the Bush tax cuts expire have stalled.

John Boehner, Speaker of the House, stated, "no substantive progress has been made between the white house and house in the last two weeks."

This group hopes that with just a month left, the country can avoid what they call a potential education free fall.

Members of a state labor union rallied today pleading with Republicans to end tax cuts for the wealthy

Members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees labor union stood outside Congressman Steve Southerland's office with other activists asking Republicans in Congress to "put the middle-class over millionaires."

The group says that Congressional republicans have "held the middle-class hostage," and that tax cuts in Washington should be for everyone, not just the wealthy.

Jeanette Wynn, Florida AFSCME President, stated, "the middle class is not going away. We're going to continue around, as long as we're living, there's gonna be a middle class, and we must understand that we must have a balanced approach."

Right now, Southerland is in Washington and could not be reached for comment.

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