Middle Schooler Honored By U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Photo: Amelia Tillman
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By: Emily Johnson
September 16, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - At Cobb Middle School today Amoreena Tillman was honored for her History Day Project by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Her project will soon be showcased for people visiting the museum.

Tillman completed the History Day Project while she was a 6th grader at Cobb Middle School. She got her inspiration from her grandfather Dwight Aldrich who was a liberator during World War II and was part of the 334th Infantry Division called the Railsplitters. His infantry liberated the slave labor camps Hannover-Ahlem and Salzwedel. He was just 19 years old when he was shipped to Germany.

Tillman said at the recognition today, "I did it because I wanted to honor my grandfather."

Her main mission has been to help educate people on what happen during the holocaust, "they need a voice and I thought I might as well be that voice because there didn't seem to be anyone else who would."

In attendance at the recognition was Rabbi Romberg who said, "To have a student from Tallahassee,FL, not Jewish by the way, but just moved by her grandfather's experiences as a liberator-- it really draw a lot of positive attention to Tallahassee, Leon County and our school district."

Tillman's mother and father have been supporting their daughter since Day 1. " It was just a moment in her achievement of what she wanted to achieve with this project and why she wanted to get her message out and to honor her grandfather," said Amelia Tillman.

Tillman's project will be on display at the museum this coming November.

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