Midway Council: City Manager Fired, Resignation Not Accepted [READ LETTER]

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By: Bailey Myers
August 26th 2013

Tallahassee FL- A man who is technically a convicted felon was the City Manager of Midway until today.

The Midway City Clerk read, "Today I challenge Midway City Council Members to operate justly." Those words were from Midway City Manager Auburn Ford's resignation letter. He is currently spending 90 days in prison after he violated his probation by carrying a gun.

Following his letter the council decided it was time to discuss his position. And the $21,000 in backpay, and paid leave he says the City owes him. One Council Member explained, "So if we have money in our general fund account then we may be able to pay him back this money that he has requested. But we don't have the money."

Another issue: Ford wasn't working under contract, and hasn't since his first termination in January. As one member pointed out; "But it never was approved, so he don't have a contract."

So instead of debating whether or not he would technically be on administrative leave Midway City Spokeswoman explained, "The council decided instead of accepting his letter of resignation they were going to terminate him effective immediately."

The Council Spokeswoman later said that although he would not be paid as a city employee from here on out he may still be allotted the back pay he has not been paid since his previous contract expired.

Midway, FL - The City Manager of Midway has officially announced his resignation.

"It is my hope that the council can now begin to work as one for the greater good of the city."

Read the letter in full above, and tune in to WCTV Eyewitness News at 5 tonight for more information.

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