Midway Police Chief Appointed to Statewide Review Team

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News Release: Midway Police
August 12, 2014

MIDWAY, Fla. -- The Florida Police Chiefs Association has selected Midway Chief of Police Jerome Turner Jr., to serve as their representative for the Statewide Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team.

The team was established at the state level in order to review fatal and near-fatal incidents of domestic violence, related domestic violence matters, and suicides.

The review may include a review of events leading up to the domestic violence incident, available community resources, current laws and policies, actions taken by systems and individuals related to the incident and the parties, and any information or action deemed relevant by the team, including a review of public records and records for which public records exemptions are granted.

The purpose of the team is to learn how to prevent domestic violence by intervening early and improving the response of an individual and the system to domestic violence. Chief Turner was selected by the Executive Director of the Florida Police Chiefs Association Amy Mercer and Florida Police Chiefs Association President Frank Kitzerow

Chief Turner currently is the Chief of Police for the City of Midway Police Department and has been credited with turning an embattled agency around and moving into a positive stable direction.

“This appointment to this review board only shows my commitment to prevent and deter domestic violence issues in my community and now on a state level as well," said Chief Turner. "I look forward to serving on the team and representing the Florida Police Chiefs Association and my fellow Police Chiefs around the State.”

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