Military Rape Film Shown at Student Veteran Film Festival, FSU

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She investigated sexual assaults in the military and then says she became a victim herself.

Myla Haider is one of the victims featured in a film called "The Invisible War".

It was shown today at the 2nd Annual Student Veteran Film Festival at Florida State.

The U.S. Department of Defense estimates there were 19,000 violent sex crimes committed in the military in 2010.

The film focuses on this issue.

Myla Haider, Appears In "The Invisible War", stated, "I actually investigated more cases involving male on male rape than I did with female victims. So although it's thought of as a women's issue, it absolutely is not."

Haider says the problem isn't the number of sexual predators in the military.

She says it's a failure to deal with those predators who are frequently multiple offenders.

FSU Collegiate Veterans Association President Ryan Taylor calls the decision to screen this film on campus on Veterans Day, "intensely patriotic".

He says it's an opportunity to improve the military.

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