Report Shows Record For Military Suicides

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Vietnam War Veteran Fred Herrod understands first-hand the difficulties for troops returning home from active duty.

He struggled at first until he asked for help.

"I was in a not very good environment in civilian life and rather than actually going out and taking matters into my own hands, I went to VA and wound up in front of a doctor," said Herrod.

A report out this week from the Pentagon says that in 2012, 239 military deaths have been confirmed suicides and another 110 are being investigated as such.

Vietnam veteran Joe West says he hopes the number of suicides from the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq don't mirror those of Vietnam.

"It's always going to be an issue when you send troops into combat," said West. "it's just somethings that they can't get resolved. We make a real effort now to reach out to those troops."

The 349 cases of suicide last year is the highest number since the Department of Defense began keeping track in 2001.

If you are a veteran and want or need help here are several links.

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