Millions Hit the Road This Holiday Season

Drivers are urged to be extra careful on the roadways as they travel this holiday season.

AAA expected one in four Americans to take a road trip this holiday season.

It says there will be a 1.6 percent increase in holiday travel over last year, with an estimated 93.3 million people planning to drive or fly between December 22nd and January 1st.

Highways in our area were quite busy all day. But, travelers say they didn't mind, as long as they make it to their loved ones.

Debra Bryant was on the road Christmas Eve traveling from Jacksonville to Alabama.

She says, "It feels good because we've been away from them. The last time we've seen them is about a month ago. So, it feels good to go back home to visit family for a little while, then come back. I haven't seen them and I miss them."

AAA says slowly dropping gas prices help when it comes to holiday driving.

Experts expect prices to continue to drop. The average gas price is expected to be around the $3.15 to $3.20 by New Year's Day.

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