Holiday Travel Safety Tips

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By: Bailey Myers
December 29th, 2013

Tallahassee FL-Well it's still the holiday season and that means many Americans will still be traveling all over the country in the next couple of days.

There have been multiple traffic fatalities in Madison County in the past week alone.

Today I decided to meet up with some folks at a rest stop and find out how they have been and are preparing to protect themselves for this busy travel season.

Hitting the highways and traveling to see their loved ones is a goal triple A estimates around ninety four million Americans will achieve before the end of this holiday season.

More people are on the road and with the National Highway Safety Administration reporting the days around Christmas and New Years to have an increase in accidents--- many on roads are preparing for the worst...

"We have a good spare and four new tires we are ready on the road rock and roll. But you got to be ready for it because you never know what's going to happen," explained one man traveling from Orlando to Alabama.

Triple A suggests checking your tires, and car battery before you leave. While also creating a budget for gas, to prevent running too low before you reach your destination.
Other drivers out there have their own advice, "I think you should do the best job you can on the road and you'll be alright if you do."

For more tips on travel safety you can visit AAA website at: