Abandoned Puppies Get A Second Chance

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December 19, 2012 – According to Laura Bevan, the Southern Regional Director of the Humane Society of the United States, "throwing innocent helpless puppies out on the side of the road is the worst thing you can do. If somebody had not found them, they have zero chance of surviving on their own."

Thanks to a good Samaritan and the Midway Police Department, 7 unwanted puppies which were left to die on the side of the road in a plastic shopping bag, will now have a second chance at life.

Dr. Michelle Richardson, of Lakewood Animal Hospital, examined the puppies after they were found and says "it looks like they are in good health and with fostering and appropriate feeding and caring, they should be fine, thankfully."

According to Captain Jerome Turner of the Midway Police Department, abandoning unwanted pets is all too common in many rural counties which can lead to animals being killed or put to sleep due to over population at local shelters. He admits that it’s “mainly the lack of resources allows for a lot of folks to abandoned their dogs, throw them out to the side of the road, and the lack that there is of course not a law on spay and neutering, that's something of course, if it was there, that would probably cut down on the stray population.”

Although animal cruelty, abandonment and neglect is a broad statute, if there is enough evidence or a person is caught in the act, it is a crime that can be punishable by jail time. Turner says the sentence can be "up to at least 5 years for animal cruelty, just depending on the severity of the charge."

The Humane Society of the United States recommends if someone can not keep a pet, whether young or old, please contact your local humane society or shelter to see if they can take them in. Bevan suggests this because "they have a chance then at least of being adopted, being thrown on the side of the road, these puppies were lucky but most probably would not be."

The seven miracle Christmas puppies are being named after Santa’s reindeer and are currently being cared for around the clock by volunteers at the Leon County Humane Society. They will eventually be available for adoption so if you are looking to possibly adopt one of these puppies or would like to make a donation toward their future medical bills, contact them at (850) 224-9193 or go to their website at www.lchs.info.

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