Mock Car Crash Teaches Teens The Dangers Of Drinking & Driving

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By: Kara Duffy
March 21, 2013

Cairo, GA- Students at Cairo High School watched as emergency crews worked the scene of a crash right outside their classrooms; thankfully though, that crash was fake.

The role-playing scenario was created by the students for the students in an effort to raise awareness about the devastating dangers of drinking and driving.

"This is something they felt was very important for them and had more of an impact to the students; actually seeing and getting a vision of exactly what occurs when you make the choice of drinking and driving," said Nola Daughty, a member of the Grady County Substance Abuse Prevention and Awareness Committee.

Local law enforcement and public safety officials participated in the mock crash, showing students first-hand what could happen.

The skit ended with a teen being driven off in a hearse, as her parents watched on.

"I couldn't imagine my parents running out there saying, 'No, that's my child. What happened? I never thought my child would have done this.'" said Holly Butler, a junior at Cairo High School. "It was hard to see. I could never imagine going through all that."

Students also signed pledges, promising to be alcohol free so a mock-crash like the one they saw Thursday, will never become reality.

"I hope to have all my friends and family and my whole graduating class at graduation," said Student Body President, Shelley Kines. "Then, I hope at our ten year reunion, I can still make sure none of them have died in car crashes; that they're all still with us, and we can still have just as much fun then, as we do now," she added.

*Parents and teens are also invited to come out and hear inspirational speaker, Milton Creagh, on Monday, March 25 at 6:30 p.m. Creagh will be speaking in the Cairo High School Gymnasium about the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse. The 1st 100 people to arrive, will get a door prize!*

Press Release: Cairo High School

Cairo High School is showing a Mock Crash Site on March 21st.
The site will be held in front of the Cairo High School Auditorium.

The purpose of the mock car crash is for CHS Senior and Junior students to see first-hand what can happen as a result of drinking alcohol and then getting into a motor vehicle and to give them an opportunity to sign pledges to be alcohol free during their prom/spring break/graduation.

The site is being shown on behalf of the CHS Madd Club, Cairo High School Youth Council, Grady County Substance Abuse Awareness Council, City of Cairo Police Department, Grady County Sheriff Office, Cairo Fire Department, EMC, Grady Archbold Hospital, Grady County Corner, Mitchell County Youth Advisory Council/Mitchell County Peers Empowering Peers and parent volunteers.

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