Mold Found in Juice Boxes in Madison County School Cafeteria

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By: Kevin Clark
August 20, 2014 11pm

Madison, FL - Reports of mold in orange juice boxes in a Madison County School cafeteria turned heads Wednesday morning.

The mold was discovered as the juice was being served to students for breakfast at Madison County Central School.

A student reportedly discovered the mold.

"I immediately called the manager to make sure she had dealt with it properly and she had discarded all that product, and any in her cooler," said Jan McHargue, Food Services Coordinator for the district.

A 45-minute inspection followed at the school after all the juice was discarded. The Environmental Health Department passed the school with a satisfactory grade, which is the highest possible mark.

Handing procedures checked out fine. The orange juice had been thawed out in a refrigerator, which was the correct procedure.

Now the investigation turns toward Gordon Food Services, which is responsible for shipping the juice to the school.

It is unsure whether any of the students drank the orange juice Wednesday morning.

Eyewitness News originally got its tip from a concerned parent.

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