Monday Morning Weather Update

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For all the talk of HURRICANE SANDY, the impact on OUR forecast has been very minimal. Sandy is indirectly responsible for the cool and breezy we had on Sunday and will have today. The good news is that we should get more sunshine today, even if the temperatures don't really get much warmer.

40s this morning, feeling colder because of the wind. Mid 60s this afternoon, still breezy so it will feel cooler. Tonight, the winds likely stay up enough to prevent our temps from falling way back into the 30s, but some sheltered areas could get that cold.. most spots will remain in the middle and low 40s. Tuesday should be very similar to today - highs climbing through the 60s and more sunny and breezy conditions are expected. Halloween looks a smidge warmer and less breezy - back into the 70s for highs...

The Moon will be full today at 3:49pm EDT... and let the reminders begin... SUNDAY NOV 4th is the day we FALL BACK!! (that's this coming Sunday!) We switch back to Standard Time, so before bed on Saturday night, turn those clocks back 1 hour!

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