Money Raised for Remembrance Reef in Honor of Local Man

Robby Redding Reef Fundraiser
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Tallahassee, FL - The family of a local man is remembering his life tonight.

Robby Redding died four years ago.There was a fundraiser held at the American Legion tonight in his honor.

Friends and family gathered a fifth time to remember their lost loved one Robby Redding.

He was a young Tallahassee resident involved in a serious automobile accident in 2000. His friend died; Robby lived for another eight years before passing.

Shelly, Friend of Robby: "he was a great local guy here in town and everybody loved him as you can see from all of the people coming out to support this event."

And that's why they are keeping his memory alive with this Robby's Reef Fun-Raiser, not to be confused with a fundraiser.

Money raised bought the reef and new funds will be used to maintain it.

Shelly, Friend of Robby: "he was such a big presence, everyone misses him and that's why we come together each year to celebrate his life."

Robby's mother, brother and sister were all at the event Wednesday night.

Leslie Redding, Robby's Mother, stated, "Robby just loved life and he really collected friends."

Alex Redding, Robby's Brother: "he showed me how to keep going and how to fight through hard times so it was a real eye opener."

Sarah Jordan Sandy, Robby's Sister, stated, "we really do miss him, he really was just a bright shining star."

The event is held every year near his birthday.

Robby would have been 31 on December 27th.

The artificial reef dedicated to Robby is located in the Gulf of Mexico, 10 miles southeast of Dog Island.

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