Monticello 4th Of July Fireworks Show Rescheduled

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Press Release: American Legion Post 49 and Auxiliary Unit 49

One of the more interesting treasures of life in Jefferson County begins in the person of our County Building Inspector, Wallace “Bubba” Bullock, who is world-renowned but not for his building inspections. Rather, he is a very highly regarded maker of Fireworks.

Yearly he hosts the Florida Pyrotechnics Arts Guild in which Fireworks Builders come, literally from all over the world to display their newest wares and to view the efforts of others who share the interest in blowing things up beautifully. Many of the displays put on at places like Disney theme parks, and civic displays such as those in our Nation’s capital, have their beginnings in a farmer’s field in Jefferson County FL.
Bubba Bullock is the person who makes that happen.

Usually the Legion collects sufficient funds to put on the Display for the Fourth of July, but rain this year put the kibosh on our plans for that day, so the Fourth of July packed up and moved to Labor Day. The festivities will be the same as those planned for the earlier, rained out, day. There will be a live band and plenty of music. There will be the usual visit from “Benjamin Franklin”. There will be plenty of food for sale and many find it to be a great time to visit with friends and neighbors.

Bubba himself, the director of the program, interestingly enough says that he “can’t stand the noise”, but he loves “the artistry of making and seeing” the colorful display.

“As I get older,” he says “it’s gotten worse, but I have good professional crew members who simply love the noise. However, the real skill is in the artistry and chemistry of the rest of it.”

His shop where the fireworks are produced is totally full of various chemicals to give the various effects that he wants to display. Of course, there is a certain danger involved in making “things that go bang in the night” so he has acquired a degree of robotics to lessen the danger. These robots were demonstrated at one of his Fireworks Festivals at the farm by their inventor.

Bubba is quick to acknowledge that there are persons whose interest in fireworks stem solely to “use them for evil-doing”. That is what the NSA and their regulators are for . He believes that regulations are necessary and helpful and says that his experience with those regulators has all been very helpful and positive.

For those who want a colorful, interesting and explosive good time this weekend, the place to be on Saturday evening is the high school football field in Monticello, just off Water Street on Tiger Trail.

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