Monticello Hosts Deer Management Meeting

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Tonight’s meeting in Monticello was the second of 8 public meetings the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will host throughout north and central Florida to share information about deer management in Florida and to hear from meeting attendees their thoughts on deer management issues.

In particular,FWC is seeking to establish deer management units (DMUs) in Florida and manage deer within DMUs based on public preferences. So it is about managing deer at a more local level.

The main goal would be to manage the total number of deer in the DMU, so FWC is asking if residents want more, about the same amount, or less deer. In addition, FWC would also like preferences on antler regulations, antlerless deer, and other important deer-related issues.

FWC plans to form stakeholder groups from interest members of the public to develop goals and objectives for each proposed DMU. FWC staff will then review the goals and objectives to determine what changes may be warranted. This process was completed west of Tallahassee in 2013 and the FWC is considering greater antler regulations (3 points on a side or 10 inch main beam north of I-10 and 2 points on a side south of I-10) along with changes in the antlerless deer or “doe days”.

If anyone was unable to attend tonight’s meeting, they may still learn about this project and provide input through an online survey by visiting . Online webinars will also be offered. Information on webinars will be posted online tomorrow.

More information including meeting dates and locations can be found here.

Deer Map - Courtesy of FWC

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