Moody AFB Land Dispute

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Valdosta, GA - Moody Air Force base has a roughly $450 million dollar economic impact on Lowndes County every year. But residents who border the base have become increasingly frustrated about where they live.

"It makes me feel like I fought for my country for nothing," states David Garrison. David is a Vietnam veteran who lives in the Moody Activity Zoning district, known as MAZ. His land falls right near the border of Moody Air Force Base. Dealing with the base has caused quite a headache.

David Garrison, Moody Activity Zoning District Resident: "they told me I couldn't put a fence around my house. They told me I couldn't put a garage door on the house and if the house burnt down I couldn't rebuild. And I've had my house on the market now a year and a half. And don't nobody want to buy the house because of that."

Base leaders argue these kind of restrictions are important to prevent any military operations from being shut down. But private citizens who live nextdoor in the MAZ district say it's not fair.

Lee Barnes, Moody Activity Zoning District Resident, stated, "if you want your base protected then the residents of Lowndes County need to be protected too. I'm a tax paying citizen.

Huey Moore, Moody Activity Zoning District Resident, stated, "I figure if a fella pays taxes on a piece of property he ought to be able to do with it as he pleases."

The Lowndes County Board of Commissioners Chair Ashley Paulk has spoken out in support of landowners surrounding Moody Air Force Base.

Moody Air Force Base was established in 1941. It spends more than 80 million dollars every year on local contracts.