Moody Air Force Base Holds Training Exercise

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Every year personnel at Moody Air Force Base practices to keep their skills sharp in case there is ever a shooter on base.

"As we've seen in recent events across the country, whether it's on a military base or not, this type of event is extremely important to make sure we have our folks prepared," said Lt. Col. Stephen Goodman.

Friday's scenario is based on a case where an airman gets upset during a meeting about his future with Moody and then starts shooting. Once the shooting starts, the entire base is automatically locked down.

"It allows the wing to test all kinds of capabilities whether it be evasion from the scene, actually bedding down and protecting themselves within their work centers, and then ultimately the communications between members of the wing and make sure we have accountability," said Lt. Col. Goodman.

After the exercise, officials will identify the weaknesses and implement them into the next training session.

"There is absolutely sharing between bases when it comes to this sort of thing. There's not specific solicitation but there's common pool of data that we all typically go to, particularly when things go well or they go poorly, those are great opportunities to share learning," said Lt. Col. Goodman.

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