Moody's 820th Base Defense Group To Conduct Safeside Guardian Exercise

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Winnie Anne Wright
January 27, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Pink smoke? Gun Shots? Mayor Ali? These aren't effects in the latest Call of Duty, they're part of the Safeside Guardian Exercise performed at Moody Air Force Base.

"This training is invaluable. They train together and it's muscle memory. Once you go through this training, time and time and time again, those kids have been out here, I mean they know every inch of the training areas here at Moody. So, when they are down range, and when it does happen, just out of instinct, they move to where they need to move to", says Tech Sgt. J.D. Walden, an Observer for the exercise.

Just like in combat, the Airmen's first stop was a meeting with the city's mock mayor to build relationships with local government. This training is so detailed, the defense group has even named their fake town, The People's Bemiss Republic, or PBR.

Tech SGT Walden says they try to make these exercises as life-like as possible to prepare the Airmen for the types of things they may see in combat overseas.

"We build our scenarios on things that have happened in the past, as well as our current intel from what's happening, their current tactics downrange. So that way we get lessons learned, as well as the most current tactics that whoever the insurgents might be, might be using."

The Safeside Guardian Exercises will continue through the week as the Airmen prepare for deployment.