More Strays Appear In Tallahassee

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Story by: James Buechele

Tallahassee, Fla.

"Well we like to say in the spring every thing that can has babies does," said Tallahassee animal control supervisor Jeff Doyle.

Spring has sprung and with it more kittens and puppies.

"Spring is a natural time for a lot of shelters to increase the number of animals coming in because it's breeding season," said Erika Leckington of the Tallahassee Animal Service Center.

She says you can't blame the extra animals on college students leaving for the summer.

"Well there's a common misconception that the college students are to blame for a lot of the stray animals that we have in Tallahassee."

However, not all animals are able to be housed at the shelter.

"They're not very adoptable animals you know it's not really the ideal situation for them to come to the shelter," said Doyle.

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