Morven Police Get Millions In Property From Military

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By Eames Yates
August 6, 2013

Morven, GA - The Morven Police Department has gotten more than four million dollars worth of equipment over the last decade from the military... for free.

Morven Police Chief Lynwood Yates said "we've gotten everything from dump trucks, heavy machinery all the way down to night vision, you know, some medical equipment."

Like this defibrillator, which Chief Lynnwood Yates used on someone when their heart stopped.

Chief Yates said "that's one person that's alive today because of excess property."

It's all thanks to the LESO 10-33 program, which gives used military equipment to local law enforcement agencies. It was originally designed to help them fight terrorism and drug trafficking. Critics say there is little oversight and the equipment often sits in storage. But Chief Yates says it's all about getting a bigger bang for your buck.

Chief Yates said "this equipment is your tax dollars, my tax dollars have purchased this equipment for the US government and the way I see it this is taking your tax dollars and getting the absolute most out of it."

More than four billion dollars worth of property has been distributed since 1990. Morven Police have gotten gear from Moody Air Force Base among others in the area.

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