Mother Seeking Help After Home Goes up in Flames

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Perry, FL - Most people gave thanks for many things on Thanksgiving. Aida Beach was thankful for the safety of her and her three young kids.

"As soon as I got up, the whole kitchen was engulfed in flames," Beach said.

Her home caught fire the night before Thanksgiving. She was in the house with all of her kids.

"The four-year-old was screaming how hot it was and so I just told them keep on running, not to look at the flames, not to look at the flames and to get in my truck," Beach added.

Her two sons, six-year-old Garryn and 4-year-old Bladen, were brave for their mother that night.

"I listened to my momma," said Garryn and "me too," said Bladen.

Now the family is looking for help.

"Anything will help us, anything will help us because we have nothing," Beach said.

Her family isn't alone in this tragedy.

According to the State Fire Marshal's office, there are more than 200 house fires in Florida every day.

Right now they believe the cause of the fire was electrical, but the official report is pending.

Holidays for the Beach family may seem bleak, but they say they're happy to just have each other.

"We love our mom," said Garryn and Bladen.

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