Mothers of Fallen Soldiers Visit Florida's First Lady

By: Lanetra Bennett
May 3, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Mothers whose daughters and sons have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country were honored today.

One at a time, the women walked up to the First Lady of Florida. While Ann Scott's hugs and encouraging words may help, Georgie Carter says it also takes time.

"You never ever will forget losing a child, never." She says.

25 Women from across the state visited the Governor's Mansion Friday. They are with "Gold Star Mothers, " which is a group of ladies whose son or daughter died while serving in combat in the U.S. Military.

Carter says, "It's a healing process because everybody that stands out there knows that we've all been in the same shoes. We're all the same. I understand their pain. I understand their sorrows."

Carter's son died in the Vietnam War. She says, "I was out naming streets and parks and I finally got a hospital. So, I've been very busy out there. I won't forget him and I won't let anybody else forget him."

The Patriot Guard Riders greeted the Gold Star Mothers at the front door of the mansion.

The group is a national organization of veterans and motorcycle enthusiasts who attend funerals and other events to honor fallen heroes.

Joe West with the Patriot Guard Riders says, "While all of our PGR missions are important to us, it's an especially honor to be on a mission like this where we're bringing mothers whose families have made the supreme sacrifice to protect our freedom and our democracy."

The mothers had lunch with First Lady Ann Scott.

You can learn more about the "Gold Star Mothers" at

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