Motorcycle Crash Bill

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Tallahassee, FL - Motorcyclists could get some extra protection if a bill passed by a Florida senate committee today (3-9) ultimately becomes a law.

Tina McElhenny lost her son Kris, and Mike Sellers lost his son Steven to motorcycle accidents.

They say neither of the drivers in those fatal accidents were charged with a crime.

These parents are pushing for the passage of Senate Bill 608 and are crusading for what they call fairness.

Mike Sellers says, "I'm going to be back here every hearing of this year and speak to every committee that it goes through. Hopefully this year it will get to the floor again and possibly a vote by Legislature to enact this as law."

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles over the past 5 years 2,357 motorcyclists have died in traffic crashes in the state.

The top two contributing causes of these crashes are careless driving and failure to yield to the right of way.

Senate Bill 608 calls for any motorist who injures or kills a motorcyclist in a crash to face criminal charges.

Republican Representative Brad Drake says, "Fairness is not always existent, I don't know that we can legislate fairness in every existence in the law."

The bill passed its first committee Wednesday, but it still has a long road before it's a law.

Tina McElhenny has been working to get it passed for 8 years.

McElhenny says, "I say hooray, but it still has other committees to go through. So I don't wanna jump yet, until I know everything has been through all three committees. And then we can all say well we finally got it done."

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