Motorcycle Safety

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A Tallahassee man is fighting his injuries at Tallahassee Memorial hospital after a car pulls out in front of him ... But could the accident have been prevented all together?

Cars drive over graffitied concrete outside of the Family Dollar on Springhill Road. On Friday, a motorcyclist, Toby Yates was traveling north when a Buick unexpectedly pulled out in front of him.

Yates' Aunt, Carol Penny, lives near the Family Dollar and says that part of the road has always concerned her."I got a call. I knew exactly where the spot. I already know exactly what happened, where and why in my mind."

Even if a motorcyclists do choose to wear a helmet sometimes the severity of the crash isn't up to them.

Concerned cyclist Joe West tries to see it from the car's point of view. "I'm sure this person that pulled out of the family dollar didn't think I'm going to pull out of family dollar tonight and I'm going to ruin some family's life for the rest of their lives."

And motorcyclist Kurt Blankemeyer thinks it's up to them to make it safe because, he says, "usually the motorcyclist ends up on the loosing end." With countless distractions for all drivers, some riders take measures to make themselves more visible."That's why we have lights on helmets, we wear reflective vests."

Loud pipes are another attention grabber. Blankemeyer says, "People don't like it and their disturbed by it. And I guess in a perfect world, it everyone paid attention, you wouldn't need loud pipes."

But even he thinks it will get worst before it gets better. "The texting has gotten a lot more. And also there's going to be a lot more with the gas prices going up. We're going to be getting into each others way a lot."

"Remember, look twice, motorcycles are everywhere."

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