Moultrie Residents To Vote On Sunday Alcohol Sales

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By: Kara Duffy
November 4, 2013

Moultrie, GA - When Moultrie residents go to the polls Tuesday, they'll be voting on two alcohol-related referendums.

One will ask whether to allow alcohol, by the individual drink, to be sold at restaurants on Sundays and the other will ask whether to allow alcohol by the package to be sold on Sundays.

Folks from the North Main Package liquor store in Moultrie say a 'yes' on the ballot would be a big boost for local businesses, as well as offer more employment opportunities.

"It'll stop a lot of customers from driving over the road to go to other places to get they're alcohol," said employee Oscar Henderson. "They'll be able to get it right here and I think it'll help put more money back into the community."

The two questions are asked separately on the ballot which means one referendum could pass without the other.

If passed, the changes would go into effect November 8th.

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