Muscle Cars and Classic Fire Truck Help Post Office Launch New Stamps

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By: Eames Yates
March 2, 2013

Members of the South Georgia Classic Car Club joined forces with the Post Office on Saturday to celebrate the release of new stamps featuring classic cars.

Valdosta's Postmaster, William Spangler, said "five new stamps, five new cars out there. It's muscle cars, muscle on the move. You know and when I seen them I said this is a perfect thing to do here in Valdosta with all the old cars here."

But it wasn't just muscle cars showcased in front of the post office on Patterson Street.

The Fire Department brought out their oldest piece of equipment which is a hook and ladder truck from 1927.

One Valdosta Firefighter, Joseph Bruhl, said "it's, to my knowledge, the oldest one in the nation still running, still owned by a fire department."

The other car connoisseurs showed off their toys as well. Like Irene Damato's 1976 Mustang Two, the same kind of car driven by Farrah Fawcett in Charlie's Angels.

She said "I've had it for over thirty five years. I bought it when she was two years old and I have loved it, my blond daughters have loved it and it's staying in the family."

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