NAACP Drops Off Letter To Governor Scott

By Lanetra Bennett
July 17, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Leaders of the NAACP are expressing concerns about the aftermath of George Zimmerman's not guilty verdict. They're taking their concerns straight to the office of the Florida Governor.

Protesters have been in Governor Rick Scott's office since yesterday, waiting on him to come back in town. The NAACP demands that Scott comes back now. Leaders have put that demand and others in this letter.

The president and members of the Tallahassee Chapter of NAACP delivered the letter to Governor Rick Scott's office earlier this afternoon. NAACP president Dale Landry says Scott needs to return to Tallahassee to deal directly with what the organization calls a crisis of confidence regarding safety in the state of Florida.

Dale Landry, Tallahassee NAACP President: "We've had so many concerns regarding the George Zimmerman verdict. I've gotten calls from mothers and fathers worried about school. That's why the governor has to come back. We have to take another look at this."

The letter specifically requests that Governor Scott convene the State Legislature to urge lawmakers to address consequences of the Stand Your Ground law.

The letter also asks Scott to respond to the protesters who are camped out in front of his office and those who've held rallies throughout the state. The NAACP left the letter at the front desk since Scott's Chief of Staff was not available.

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