National Weather Service: Tornado Hits Crawfordville

Crawfordville, Florida- July 30, 2012

The National Weather Service says a tornado touched down in Crawfordville Sunday, with winds that topped 100 miles an hour.

"There's some structural damage." Crawfordville Resident Bonnie Deering is overwhelmed by a tree that fell on her mom's house.

Deering says it damaged the roof. "Three holes in it. The roof is caved in one of the bedrooms. So, we're having to clean her house out so they can make repairs."

The National Weather Service says a tornado hit around 6:40 Sunday night and says the most significant damage occurred along Stokely Road where Deering's family home is.

NWS says peak winds were 104 miles an hour, which is consistent with an EF1 tornado.

One homeowner off of Whiddon Lake Road says the only damage he had was a dent in his pick-up truck's hood and the rear-view mirror hanging off.

He says, "I thought I had a busted windshield when I got here. The branch was laying on top of the hood."

The man says he was lucky.

Back over at Deering's mom's house, they say it's help from others that make them lucky.

Local teenager Daniel Burse says, "We We got on the roof. We weighted the tarp down to make sure as little rain as possible would get into the house and cause as little damage as possible. Doing pretty much anything we can just to get everything back in order."

"It's just been a really huge outpouring of love and support." Says, Deering.

No injuries were reported from last night's storm.

Information from National Service Center:

* Event Date: July 29, 2012
* Event Type: EF1 Tornado
* Estimated peak winds (mph): 104 mph
* Injuries/Fatalities: None reported
* Maximum path width: 100 yards
* Damage path length: 2.1 miles
* Event start time: 6:40 PM EDT
... * Event end time: 6:44 PM EDT
* Event start location: 30.23/-84.40
* Event end location: 30.22/-84.36

The damage path from this tornado was not continuous from where the tornado first touched down along Forest Road 313. The tornado skipped along the path causing an inconsistent damage path.

The bulk of the damage caused by this tornado was in the EF0 range. However, the most significant damage occurred along Stokely Road near the intersection of David Kinsey Road. Damage in and near this location was consistent with EF1.

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