Name Changes for Shanks Middle School

By: Lanetra Bennett
August 15, 2014

Quincy, FL - This school year, students at James A. Shanks Middle School will be returning to the same building, but, a new name and a new mission.

The new name will be James A. Shanks SMART Academy.

SMART stands for Science, Math, Arts, Reading, and it's all being done through Technology.

Principal Juanita Ellis says they'll be changing the way they teach and the way students learn by infusing more technology in the curriculum, which she says better prepares students for college and the workforce.

Principal Ellis says, "With the new Florida Standards, we will be doing a lot of project-based learning. The students will be genuinely engaged each day from bell to bell, and there will be a lot of peer collaboration."

Teachers say there will also be a greater focus on science.

Sixth grade science teacher, Marilyn Samson, says, "Some students they are thinking that science is hard. So, to motivate them learning science, I need to expose them in this different pictures of how science looks like and show how it is important in their life."

"With the change in the times, technology is the wave of the future." Says, Principal Ellis.

New school signs and logos bearing the new name won't be ready for the first day of school on Monday, August 18th. Those are expected to go up over Labor Day weekend.

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