National Cemetery for Veterans to be Built in Leon County

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Not quite every county gets approved to have a national cemetery for veterans, but that's one monumental acheivement recently nabbed for Leon County.

"In the Tallahassee area, there's 83,000 veterans that we're trying to serve with a new national cemetery, so that they can have the option of being buried in a national cemetery," said Glenn Madderom, with the National Cemetery Administration.

Officials from the National Cemetery Association held a meeting in Tallahassee to open up discussion for the new cemetery. They say it will have the same beautiful and dignified look as Arlington Cemetery in D.C.

"We're in the design process right now. The design will take about 24 months," Madderom said.

A variety of community members showed up at the Eastport Branch library to listen to the details. Veterans especially were excited.

"I'm tired of going all the way down to Bushnell to visit my friends and relatives that are buried down there in that veterans cemetery."

Here's a look at the area. It'll be between Apalachee Parkway and Old St. Augustine Road.

"Well I believe it'll have a lot of benefits, psychologically, economically," Morris said.

"Well it shows how patriotic Tallahassee is within itself," said Tyler Anderson, with Culley's MeadowWood Funeral Home.

There's no complete date set for the cemetery yet, but it will be a few years.

For more information go to or contact Katti Zand, (202) 632-5722

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