Navy Reserve Reunited with Family After a Year Overseas

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By: Garin Flowers

After a year overseas, a local navy reserve finally reunites with her family, and the family wasn't alone in welcoming home their loved one.

The strong embrace will tell it all. This family, separated by a woman’s strong will to represent her country, is now back together.

"Just seeing her off the camera is just like okay but like whenever you finally get to touch her after a year it's just like oh thank god," Sarah Newsome, Welcomed Mother Home, said.

12-year-old Sarah Newsome and 14-year-old Emily Newsome live in Crawfordville.

Their mother Christian Vaughn is a member of the Navy, and has been gone for almost a year. She was too emotional to talk on camera.

"We’ve had our mom all our lives and you can tell her everything and anything you want and then when she just leaves automatically out of nowhere it's just heartbreaking," Emily Newsome, Welcomed Mother Home, said.

Now the three are back reunited, along with Christian's wife, but they weren't the only ones wishing her a warm welcome home.

Local veterans and members of the Patriot Guard set up a flag line in the airport.

They believe it is just a little something they can do, to honor someone who serves the nation like they did.

"Very exciting, excited that this is our first weekend with her in a very long time," Emily Newsome said.

Christian was in Afghanistan this year and says she's served in the Navy for six years altogether. She hopes this time, she'll be home for a while.

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