Nearly 40 Animals Seized in Animal Cruelty Case

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On Monday the folks at Dancing Cloud Farm Horse Rescue were called upon to assist with a large scale seizure of animals.

"We got a call from the Thomas County Sheriff's Office and an animal control officer asking for our assistance in trying to carry out this rescue originally started out at about 100," said Anne Campbell, Vice President of the rescue organization.

They were able to rescue 37 of the 100 animals seized from Rebecca Bannister. She is charged with animal cruelty and is currently out on $500 bond. The animals include donkeys, llamas and cows, but were primarily horses, some which appeared extremely neglected

"This is an older horse with a body score of a one. Veterinarians score horses physical conditions on a scale of one to nine. A healthy horse has a score of four or five. There's no fat. There's no muscle...Very pronounced starvation. This horse would not have lasted much longer," said the rescue's founder Anita Meisen.

Even though they're in this line of work, the animal rescuers say that does not make cases like these any easier

"It breaks my heart to have to leave any behind, as we had to do, because there were five stallions and a couple of wild ones that we could not take in," said Campbell.

If you want to help, Dancing Cloud takes donations in the form of hay. They are also looking for good homes for these animals. You can go to their website at for more information.

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