FSU Professor Measures Hurricanes In New Ways

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. 4-25-13

Florida State researchers have developed a new way to measure hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Dr. Vasu Misra has spent a year on a new metric system called Track Integrated Kinetic Energy or 'TIKE'. Instead of measuring the storm based on wind speed, TIKE looks at the potential damage a hurricane can cause based on its size.

The new system hopes to bring a more accurate prediction for the hurricane system.

"We are moving towards that so that we can double up categories of TIKE," said Misra. "Categories based on size and speed just not speed alone."

Misra says that had this system been in place during Hurricane Sandy, more people may have fled because of the potential for more damage.

You can read more about TIKE by using the link below.


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