New Land Deal May Resurrect Performing Arts Center

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A plan for a Tallahassee Performing Arts Center may have new life.

That plan was thought to be dead in the water just a few weeks ago.

But now a new land deal may have helped resurrect it.

Florida State University currently owns two pieces of property right next to the newly opened Cascades Park.

Under a new deal, the Community Redevelopment Authority or CRA would get that property.

"I think it provides one of the best redevelopment opportunities that the city has seen in a long time," said CRA Member Andrew Gillum.

CRA Member Bill Proctor suggested it would make a great site for a new Performing Arts Center.

That comment comes after county commissioners voted earlier this month to stop the long standing savings of a one cent tax towards that goal.

But CRA members voted to have a joint meeting of all city and county commissioners to discuss what to do with the more than $4-million collected for a performing arts center.

"Is there an opportunity to promote greater performing arts facilities that we can afford as a community," Gillum said.

As part of the deal, FSU gets property right next to the Tucker Center where retail and possibly a new business school may be located as part of its arena district plans.

The CRA gets property at 715 W. Gaines currently used to test learning disabled children as well as the land next to Cascades Park, the Firestone and Bloxham properties, and $960,000 cash.

Gillum negotiated the deal for the CRA and drew universal praise from his colleagues.

Proctor said some people are anointed by God to do things.

"Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Moses, certain people can do things," said Proctor. "In our community, Gillum is that person right now," he said.

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