New Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit

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Tallahassee, FL - Every year in the U.S, more than 392,000 people die from tobacco-related diseases.

Another 50,000 die from second-hand smoke. These numbers are from the American Lung Association. Now there's a device that's supposed to help lower those stats.

It looks like a cigarette. It even lights up like one but what you see is anything but the real deal. Instead of smoke, water vapor comes out when a person inhales.

They're called electronic cigarettes. They have the nicotine smokers crave but are without harmful tar, carbon monoxide and smoke.

Jon Richardson has been a smoker for more than 40 years. He's tried to quit but but hasn't had much luck.

"You know, chewing on straws, trying chewing gum," said Richardson.

Richardson says he'll likely try out one of the devices.

"I've seen an increase," said smoker Chris Smith. "They're more prevalent in stores right next to where the cigarettes are."

These e-cigarettes aren't just easier on the lungs but easier on the wallet. The device costs about $25 with refills of three costing anywhere from $12-$15. Each refill equals about one pack of cigarettes.

Plus you can smoke them indoors.

"Some people like to use it in places where actually smoking would be frowned upon or not allowed."

There is still nicotine in these devices but without all the extra additives like tar, smoke and carbon monoxide. It's one way people use to wean themselves off smoking altogether.

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