New Dental Clinic Opens in Havana

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Havana, FL - A new dental clinic is open and ready to help some people who have been going without.

It can take a while to get around rural Gadsden County without a car.
That's one of the biggest concerns for health providers.

The Gadsden County Health Department has officially opened it's third dental clinic.

It might not seem like a lot but the lack of transportation for many residents is a driving force behind opening the newest facility.

Driving to Tallahassee for basic care had become a norm for many Havana residents; some people in health care say that's why Gadsden is behind most of Florida's counties in its health ranking.

Now the clinic will also offer WIC services. The program helps low income women and their babies with fundamental care they might not get otherwise.

So far the dental clinic has seen about 50 patients.

Clinic workers hope that number will shoot up as soon as more people hear about the latest addition..

Appointments are needed for most procedures but they do offer some emergency services as well.

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