New Website Pushes Environmentally Friendly Farming

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Walking through the Jefferson County farm of Ernest Fulford, you'll see cereal rye everywhere. But, it's not for use. He said for him, it's a cover crop.

"That'll help soil erosion. It helps keep the water in the soil. We use less fertilizer," Fulford said.

He's one of several farmers recognized in the CARES program. Farmers that care about the environment and work to protect it. It can be costly, but is helpful.

"When the spreader comes across the field, it puts fertilizer only where it's needed, not where it's not needed. Therefore, we're saving money, also helping the environment," Fulford said.

Fulford learned how to farm environmentally friendly from his grandfather. Now he hopes to impart the knowledge on his family.

"He always told me if you don't take care of the land, it won't take care of you and I make my living off the land. I want my kids to make their living off the land."

The CARES program now has a new website - It's goal is to educate people on agriculture's role in protecting Florida's natural resources.

"The website I think will raise awareness to what we are doing as far as farmers, trying to protect and help make sure we have safe food supply in the future," Fulford added.

Fulford said through the CARES program they were honored at a ceremony and given an award for their part in taking care of the environment.

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