New Indoor Tanning Bill Filed For Florida

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One Florida Senator is doing her part to prevent skin cancer in future generations.

Senator Eleanor Sobel of Hollywood is sponsoring the “Preventing Youth Cancer Act”. The bill, which was filed in the State Senate Thursday, would outlaw tanning bed usage for minors without a doctor’s note.

Sobel says with so many alternative ways to have a golden glow, there is no reason to tan under lamps except for the treatment of skin concerns like psoriasis.

“It just amazes me that we live in the Sunshine State and that young women are using these tanning beds to the degree that they are using them,” says Sobel. “And also in light of the recent scientific findings, these tanning beds are causing serious types of cancers, melanomas, which can lead to death."

According to Sobel, if minors are caught tanning indoors, under the new law, both the tanner and the tanning salon could face fines.

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