New Poll Shows Floridians Think the Economy is on the Rebound

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If you want something sweet, Tasty Pastry in Tallahassee probably has it.

"We're a full line bakery. We have cakes, eclaires, cupcakes, breads," says co-owner Debbie Cross.

The bakery has been in business nearly 50 years and have seen their share of ups and downs.

"We all know about the recession we had. It affected our sales, our business definitely went down," said Debbie's brother Mark Cross who also co-owns the bakery.

A new poll from grassroots organization "Keep it Local, Florida" asked residents if they think the economy is getting better. more than 60 percent said "yes."

Tasty Pastry's owners said they probably wouldn't have been around for 50 years without loyal customers, but even they're beginning to see signs of a turnaround.

"Holiday business was very good, we had a very strong Christmas, January was not as slow as it usuallly is, maybe that means not as many people are on diets or something," Mark said with a laugh.

In the same poll, an overwhelming 71 percent surveyed believed that Florida's legislature was doing "too little" in trying to fix the economy.

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