New Problems For Bond CHC, TCC To Help

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Tallahassee, FL - Help is on the way for the troubled Bond Community Health Center.

Tallahassee Community College will be conducting a review of the center's operations.

The TCC announcement comes after results of a troubling audit.

A report from Leon County government states Bond isn't providing the necessary paper work to get taxpayer money.

The report concludes patient care, overall, is done properly.

But the report also found significant issues.

Findings include pneumonia and flu vaccines, mammograms and
colo-rectal cancer screenings are being done about half the time they're needed.

"Our medical team has identified clinical procedures that we can strengthen," said Bond Board Chair Antonio Jefferson.

Additionally the report notes Leon County requires certain documents to reimburse Bond for taking care of patients.

In particular, Bond must prove the patient's income is at or below the poverty level.

Of 48 records reviewed, none was in compliance meaning no patient visit was eligible for Leon County taxpayer reimbursement money.

"We have policies in place that cover this," said Jefferson. "Our shortfall is it just didn't happen," he said.

In a response to Leon County's report dated Thursday, Bond states its corrective action plan is in progress.

The report comes after Leon County commissioners have already suspended more than $800,000 in taxpayer funding for Bond.

In less than two weeks, Bond administrators will go to the commission to make a case for getting that money.

"I find it challenging," Jefferson said. "We have to deal with this issue at the heels of going before the county commission," he said.

Bond has now entered into a deal with TCC's division of workforce development to examine the center's operations.

"The community college wants to be part of the solution and we believe they will be," said Jefferson.

As we previously reported, one problem a federal audit of Bond found was a lack of a full time pediatrician.

Bond has just signed a multi-year deal with Doctor Jagannadha Rayavarapu to fill that role.

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