New Procedure Comes To TMH

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A new procedure at Tallahassee Memorial has its first successful patient.

Eunice Sloat, 92, of Tallahassee, was the first person to ever undergo Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Because of her age, Sloat can't have open-heart surgery.

Doctors made a small incision through her groin in order to replace a valve in her heart.

"The FDA just recently released this to general hopsitals and we are one of the first places in Florida to have use," said Dr. Julian Hurt.

"I was in His hands as much as the doctors," said Sloat. "so I think everything went great."

Sloat had the procedure done Friday Sept 14 and was discharged the following Monday. More than 20 doctors, nurses and surgeons helped with her surgery.

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