Georgia Goes International

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Thomasville, GA - At any given time of day you can catch students from all over the world walking the campus of Thomas University.

"We have international students from many parts of the world; from Europe, from the UK, Ireland, as far north as Iceland, students from Australia," said Ann Landis, the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Thomas University.

Thomas University is not alone. According to a new report by the Institute of International Education, Georgia welcomed more 16,000 students from overseas this year, more than any other year in the past.

"It has been unique thing to meet people from all around the world, learning about new people, the traditions, the cultures," said Reem Moussa, a senior at Thomas University who is from Israel.

Steven Conway is a junior from Ireland and is studying at Thomas University. He added, "Coming over here, I didn't know what way people were going to be and coming here everybody is friendly; everybody wants to help you."

The new study showed the number of American students studying abroad was slipping. There are programs out there however that are hoping to boost that number.

"Our students have the opportunity to travel to China with an instructor for a study abroad experience in which they are immersed in the culture," said Susan Otto, the Division of Nursing Chair at Thomas University. "They attend classes with students in Chinese nursing school."

For anyone that is considering traveling abroad to study, Conway adds, "Don't be afraid to try something new."

The increase in students visiting from overseas pumped more than $462 million into Georgia's economy this year.

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