Record-Setting Gator Caught At Lake Seminole

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By: Emily Johnson
September 26,2013

Bainbridge, GA - With alligator season coming to an end in Georgia four Bainbridge men put the last few days to good use.

The group of Gary Braswell, Jim Overman, Alex Harrell and Dr. Daniel White went on a gator hunt Wednesday night not knowing they would break Georgia's state record. They were told about a monster gator at Lake Seminole and quickly grabbed their gear and went hunting.

"Oh my Lord it was just exciting you know to be able to hunt something this huge and for it to break the state record, you know that was just icing on the cake," says Gary Braswell

The record setting gator measured 13 feet 10 inches and three quarters, and weighed 620 pounds. And as you could imagine this gator didn't go down with out a fight.

"We actually had to shoot him with a bow more than once and then we had to use a harpoon, then we had to use a rope and then finally we got him to the surface and we had to dismatch him using a pistol. I was the one that actually had the alligator tag and I am the one who actually shot him," says Jim Overman

Not only was the gator caught at Lake Seminole, but six out of the top 10 state record alligators according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources have been caught at Lake Seminole."

"Just a few years ago not even being able to hunt them to now allowing hundreds of alligators to be taken state wide. So it's really neat to have this in our home area down here for my region and for the state of Georgia. It's great for Decatur County and the publicity for Lake Seminole," says Wildlife Tech IV Brian Vickery.

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