Study: Employers Hiring More in 2013

Florida's latest unemployment rate is 8.1 percent.. That figure is still higher than the national rate of 7.7.

But, Eyewitness News reporter Lanetra Bennett found that the employment outlook for job seekers for the new year is looking up.

Tallahassee resident Anthony Chaires has been looking for a job for three months.

He feels more optimistic after hearing about a new study that says more employers are expecting to hire in 2013 than in recent years.

Chaires says, "It's quite encouraging because a lot of people think that there are just no jobs. But, the jobs are out here. We just have to stay encouraged and keep looking."

CareerBuilder's 2013 U.S. job forecast says more than 60 percent of employers say they are in a better financial position than last year. Twenty-six percent plan to add full-time, permanent employees, which is up three percent over 2012.

The Office of Economic and Demographic Research says employment in Florida continues to improve.

EDR says for the third quarter, non-farm employment stood at 7,350,000 jobs.

It's expected that non-farm employment will add about 92,000 jobs during the 2012-2013 fiscal year. That's a 1.3 percent increase.

Erma Jean Walker is looking for a career change back into her field of accounting. She says, "There are true needs that need to be matched. I do believe that people will be able to find work if they just never give up."

CareerBuilder says the top two positions that companies plan to hire for in 2013 are sales and information technology.

The study adds, due to mixed expectations for the new year, the number of employers reducing headcount is going up as well. Nine percent of employers say they plan to decrease headcount.

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